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iXPORT - Inteligent ETHERNET module

  • Inputs status monitoring
  • Automatic message sending when inputs status change
  • Response to rising/falling/both edge on inputs
  • Inputs change counting
  • Automatically sent message time marker
  • Outputs control
  • Outputs switch on/off to set delay
  • Remote display entry
  • Keyboard
  • Real time
  • Temperature control
  • Safe firmware upgrade with XTEA coding via Internet

iXPORT is microprocessor controlled module with wide voltage level inputs and relay outputs, equipped by real time, temperature measurement, display and keyboard interface, with connection to Ethernet. Temperature sensors, display and keyboard are fitted with connectors. Display and keyboard suit to remote communication of operator with central server

Practical application
  • Local or remote monitoring, device control
  • Input contacts, sensors reading
  • Device temperature monitoring a control
  • Counting of persons going through entrance
  • Door contacts observation and remote opening/closing of entrance
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Solar heating
  • Multichannel temperature measurement
  • Monitoring of production
  • Industrial automatization
  • Smart building

Basic variants
  • iXPORT I8O2 - module with 8 inputs, 2 outputs, ETHERNET
  • iXPORT I4O4 - module with 4 inputs, 4 outputs, ETHERNET
  • iXPORT I8O8 - module with 8 inputs, 8 outputs ETHERNET
  • iXPORT I16O8 - module with 16 inputs, 8 outputs galvanically isolated RS232/RS485
  • iXPORT I16O8 - module with 16 inputs, 8 outputs, ETHERNET
  • Other modifications RS232, RS485 and USB are possible in short delivery time

  • DIN rail module mounting, module cover
  • Increase in number of temperature sensors
  • iXPORT digital sensor, stainless steel design 40x6mm, cabel -55°C +180°C proof

Technical specification of iXPORT ETH I4O4
Technical specification of iXPORT ETH I8O8
Technical specification of iXPORT RS I16O8
Communication protocol of iXPORT
XPORT-03 Device Installer
Com Port Redirector
Communication terminal