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SONY CMT-G2NiP and similar devices have problem with VTUNER

Do not rack one's brains over VTUNER.
Build yourself simple and inexpensive home media server.
You will obtain not only replacement of original possibility choose your favourite internet radio,
but access to your multimedia data in your flat or house.

What is advantage of this solution?

From user point of view there is practically no difference against original VTUNER when you have stations in preset menu - it is most important.
Consumption of media server is very low and user obtains a new function.
Of course, it is possible choose other way, as place media server on PC or share your mobile phone media or internet streams.
But it is uncomfortable from user point of view and these possibilities have enormous consumption.

What you need for our solution:

  • Raspberry Pi kit (board, memory card and power supply)
  • Box - transparent in this case
  • External disk Western Digital 2.5" Elements Portable 2000GB black
  • USB hub with external power supply - when use PS 5V/2A it is enough for whole system
  • In basic version you need to connect Raspberry Pi to router only
  • Additional components depend on your home network
  • Write configuration to memory card - image of card I can provide you free!
  • Insert memory card
  • Completed

Result you can see here, it really works!

You can create directory structure on your hard drive raspberryHDD as:


and you can see it from home network as:


under Playlist directory you add your stations as text files:

as many stations you want

Example of Europa2.m3u text file:

Do not be afraid. It is simple.