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Company profile

UPTech is young, flexible company doing customize development and short-run production of high quality electronic components and products.

Our know-how is based on many years of experience in development and integration of electronic systems for special purposes (communication systems, surveillance systems, sensors and peripherals).

Thanks to this experience, we are able to design electronics for commercial, industrial or military applications.

We are providing the complete range of engineering services - from the system design to PCB production, component placement, soldering and system testing, to integration of legacy systems with newer technologies or with systems designed by us. We can provide you full production documentation and service manuals (depending on deal).

3D PCB design

Are you looking for control and monitoring unit?
Series of nteligent modules for universal use from our development with communication via ETHERNET, RS232 and RS485 or USB.

  • Inputs status monitoring
  • Automatic message sending when inputs status change
  • Response to rising/falling/both edge on inputs
  • Inputs change counting
  • Automatically sent message time marker
  • Outputs control
  • Outputs switch on/off to set delay
  • Remote display entry
  • Keyboard
  • Real time
  • Temperature control
  • Safe firmware upgrade with XTEA coding via Internet

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